Tirana Hotel Ksamil

Tirana Hotel Ksamil is a four-storey building, located in the famous touristic village Ksamil, which lies along the Ionian Sea. Our hotel offers you a variety of rooms with features that meet your desires.

It is a family-style hotel with very comfortable standard furnished rooms, which offers a very pleasant sea view. The hotel also provides a private parking for its visitors. The hotel is disinfected, protected by the Sanitation Standards.

The hotel rooms are very comfortable, furnished with modern standards and have obviously very beautiful view of the sea. The hotel is equipped with private parking for its clients.

Our vision
Our vision is to maintain and develop a dynamic hotel, successful and very hospitable, aiming to take new steps forward, add and improve our services, in order to make as pleasant and memorable your vacation.

We are very committed to providing an excellent service, not just to satisfy, but to exceed the requirements of our clientele.

Tourisem Guide
Tirana Hotel Ksamil offers for its customers a tourist guide , by the boat on the best beautiful islands in Ksamil. Also offers for its costumers visit to Butrinti which has high scientific, tourist, archaeological, social and recreational values, also combined with a significant biodiversity.